Jimi Hendrix Foundation

Expressing Life Through Music

Mission Statement

The 1988 commission of Al Hendrix
established The James Marshall Hendrix Foundation
to continue the legacy his son gave to the world:

Peace, Love and Music.

In honor of the love and giving spirit of Jimi Hendrix,
the Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of the world community and works to improve the quality of life for children to inspire and encourage creativity in music, arts and sciences.

OUR VISION: Raising funds for global initiatives to build creative learning platforms in music, art, education, health and science by utilizing the "Star Power" of Jimi Hendrix.

OUR MISSION: Expressing Life Through Music

Thank you for contributing!
Joe Rosignolo
President/CEO -Jimi Hendrix Foundation

50 years ago - it was all defined

1969 marked the pinnacle of society and the culmination of Rock 'n' Roll - the world was changed forever!

A modern-day renaissance emerged, minds were altered, hair was long and clothes were flamboyant and garish. Over-the-top fashion and art were keeping pace with the driving force of the music that has now become the voice of the new generation.

Thought, ideals and spirituality once coined counter-culture have now defined the parameters of our culture.

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