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Music For Life

Music for Life

Music for Life was established to provide new musical instruments and instruction to children and young adults. For those who have the desire to learn music, this program will use charitable donations to acquire instruments and cover the cost of music lessons. This worldwide endeavor by the Jimi Hendrix Foundation will provide children and young adults with opportunities to discover enriching and creative interactive online programs taught by professionals who will assist in learning music as a means to express self-esteem and confidence.

Joe Rosignolo, CEO of the Jimi Hendrix Foundation, is dedicated to expanding the program by using his associations with musical instrument manufacturers and professional online instructors. “Our vision is to establish an online educational forum for all things music, a place where people can study varied musical styles and instruments including the undeniable and influential innovations of Jimi Hendrix.

Through Enrollment

Students will be taught online and by in-person educational events to “experience” their own creative energy. The intention is to remain inclusive, with varying levels of interaction based on the participant’s ability. Your donations help the Foundation further develop this comprehensive program.


Where There’s Passion – There’s Drive

The Jimi Hendrix Foundation was built upon the fundamental principle that students benefit from being part of a broad music platform. We believe the synergy of professionals with insights into music industry trends will be a significant influence on focus and performance.
The Foundation believes that everyone with the eagerness to learn is an asset with social growth potential. We strive to maintain a consistent music- based approach in delivering compelling, well‐structured online music lessons that will not only teach theory and fundamentals but draw out the hidden passion that is the drive to life-changing experiences.


Your Donation Will Impact Lives

Every dollar you donate will go towards buying musical instruments and funding our “Music for Life” online lessons program to honor Jimi and bring together many experienced musicians who desire to give back to the community.


Let’s Work Together


Develop Potential

Opening Photo – © Tom Gundelfinger O’Neal – Monterey Pop Festival

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